C-PEN Education products are designed with the purpose to promote active independent reading, understanding and learning. Different models have different features, but the common denominator is that they increase access to printed text. And they do so in-context. Whether the need is to listen to text being read out, a word defined or translated, it is all done in the context of your reading. The text is captured directly from the paper and instantly delivered to you according to your needs.

Reading pen

Whether it is dyslexia, visual impairness, aphasia, or anything else, having a reading disability is challenging. Though the world is very digital, not a day goes by without we all face situations where we have to decode text printed on paper.  Schools may prep students with digital content, a computer and speech software. Or perhaps a human reader at exams. But it is all special arrangements, and there are still countless situations where you are on your own.

Whether it’s a book, a paper or an exam you get the same as everyone else. No need to wait for a soft copy, a computer and perhaps somewhere else to sit. Same paper, same book, same location! Just a cool pen shaped device at your side, and earphones. Just normal!

Being adult, other situations are challenging. At work nobody reads to you. Or who do you trust to read the letter from the doctor?

Indepence and privacy.

Understanding and learning

If you manage the reading, there are still a lot of words that may need explaining. It may be especially challenging if you have a reading disability, but also if what you are reading is not in your native language. As if being an EAL learner (English as an Additional Language).

With a reading pen containing embedded dictionaries, run the nib over the word and get words’ explainations read out to you.

Language teaching

Filled with Oxford ELT and academic bilingual dictionaries, a pen scanner may also be a valuable resource when studying a second language. Need a word translated? Run the nib over the word, listen to it being pronounced and see the translation.


C-PEN ExamReader™

Reading pen

ExamReader is a dedicated reading tool, able to read any printed text out loud. Just move ExamReader along a text line and the text is instantly read out with a high quality natural speaking voice. ExamReader has a built-in speaker, or a standard earphone jack allowing you to use your favorite headphones. ExamReader allows you to listen to single words or text lines, or scan multiple text lines and listen to the full paragraph from start to end. And you can repeat as many times as you like.


Being completely embedded and self-sufficient it is allowed to use in exams* which enables everyone to sit in the same exam hall and work independently. No need for separate spaces, human readers or custom work environment.

Check HERE for full and latest specification. *In UK it is approved by JCQ. For more details see JCQ statement.

C-PEN ReaderPen™

Reading and understanding

ReaderPen is your best study buddy. Besides reading text out loud, ReaderPen includes functions like Scan to File, Dictionary and Voice Recorder.

Scan to Files allows you to highlight and save paragraphs from a book or a paper – in the class room, at the library or at home. The excerpts can be reviewed or listened to later at any time. Just lean back and listen to ReaderPen reading the text for you over and over again. Or upload the excerpts to your computer. Voice Recorder allows you to record and play back voice memos.

Word definitions

Using Dictionary function you can swiftly look up words you need explained. Move the nib over a word and a definition instantly presented.

Check HERE for full and latest specification.

C-PEN DictionaryPen™

Word translation

DictionaryPen is major breakthrough for you who study or work in a second language. DictionaryPen contains multiple top tier Oxford bilingual dictionaries and high quality natural text to speech voices for all languages. It is a pocket sized, totally portable device that pronounces and translates words for you. Just pass the nib along the word and it instantly displays the definition and read the word.

Be productive

Scan to Files allows you to highlight and store paragraphs from e.g. a text book or at the library, and later upload to your computer and with Voice Recorder you can record and play back voice memos.

Check HERE for full and latest specification.