C-Pen EDUCATION products are designed with the purpose to promote active independent reading and learning. C-Pen EDUCATION products do not read to you, they help YOU to read. And understand. Whether it’s a book, a paper or an exam you get the same as everyone else. No need to wait for a soft copy, a computer and perhaps somewhere else to sit. Same paper, same book, same location! Just a cool pocket sized gadget at your side.

It means that no one or nothing reads TO you. YOU READ, and you practice reading while you learn. You become more independent and your reading confidence improves. We just help you over the humps, and eventually you may not need us anymore…

Perhaps you study in a second language rather than your native language and your challenge is understanding what you read rather than the reading itself. We got something for you too. With a embedded electronic dictionaries from premiere provider like e.g. Oxford you can easily look up and get a word explained or translated, and it all happens in the context of reading without getting lost of where in the text you got interrupted.


C-PEN ExamReader™

ExamReader is a dedicated reading tool, able to read any printed text out loud. Just move ExamReader along a text line and the text is instantly read out with a high quality natural speaking voice. ExamReader has a built-in speaker, or a standard earphone jack allowing you to use your favorite headphones. ExamReader allows you to listen to single words or text lines, or scan multiple text lines and listen to the full paragraph from start to end. And you can repeat as many times as you like.

Being completely embedded and self-sufficient it is allowed to use in exams* which enables everyone to sit in the same exam hall and work independently. No need for separate spaces, human readers or custom work environment. ExamReader currently supports English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish (check HERE for full and latest update).

*In UK it is approved by JCQ. For more details see relevant section of JCQ statement.

C-PEN ReaderPen™

ReaderPen is your best study buddy. Besides reading text out loud ReaderPen includes functions like Scan to File, Dictionary, and Voice Recorder.

Scan to Files allows you to highlight and save paragraphs from a book or a paper – in the class room, at the library or at home. The excerpts can be listened to later at any time. Just lean back and listen ReaderPen reading the text for you over and over again. Or upload the excerpts to your computer.

Using the Dictionary you can swiftly look up words you need explained, or translated. Move the nib over a word and a definition instantly presented.

Voice Recorder allows you to record and play back voice memos.

Current version of ReaderPen supports English and Spanish. French is scheduled for Q3 2017. Check HERE for full and latest update).

C-PEN DictionaryPen™

DictionaryPen is major breakthrough for you who study or work in a “second language”. The DictionaryPen contains nine (9) top tier Oxford bilingual dictionaries, an English-English Thesaurus, and high quality natural text to speech voices for all languages. It is a pocket sized, totally portable device that pronounces and translate/explain words for you. Just pass the nib along the word and it instantly displays the definition and read the word.

Scan to Files allows you to highlight and store paragraphs from e.g. a text book or at the library, and later upload to your computer.

With Voice Recorder you can record and play back voice memos.

Current version of DictionaryPen supports scanning, two-way word translation and pronunciation in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish + English-Arabic one way dictionary (check HERE for full and latest update).